In “Hoje em Dia” newspaper

Journalist Tião Martins dedicated his column on Brazilian newspaper “Hoje em Dia” to me and my friend Morgana Mastrianni. It appeared in the newspaper on January the 5th. I’ll translate only the parts which mention me:

(…)Speaking of Fine Arts, it’s worth visiting the blogs of two girls (19 and 20 years old) who study at the Escola de Belas Artes of Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro [Rio de Janeiro Federal University’s School of Fine Arts]: Laura Lannes and Morgana Mastrianni. Both embrace their uncertainty as to the paths they will tread, in art and in life, which is natural and healthy. That’s why they are bursting with energy, imagination and talent, in “minor” works (comics in which they satirize their post-adolescent neuroses) as well as in experiments which border artistic maturity.These girls, with a seriousness full of grace and cool, have a promise of one day being the talk of the town, if Rio offers them space and visibility (…).


Back to Laura and Morgana, what’s most impressive about their work is the freedom – almost boldness – with which they pick themes, materials and ways to capture the reality of the world, and also their own. They are neither slaves to perfection nor compromised to Art with a capital “A”. For now, and hopefully they’ll carry on this way, they wander freely among rights and wrongs, defined according to their own criteria, which don’t always coincide with the academic standards.

They are and desire themselves to be inventors, in the best sense of the word, but even now it is possible to notice some individual characteristics which begin to impose themselves. Laura, younger and restless, treats her live models studies with the same sense of humor and outright self-criticism which she dedicated to her comics. (…)

Considering such differences, it would be interesting to see how Laura would create her version of “Self-portrait in a cap, with eyes wide open”, by Rembrandt, and what Morgana would do with the unequaled anatomy lesson which the master left us. That is the challenge placed by an obdurate layman, who is an honest admirer of these two.

I’m also posting some other silly sketches.

No “Hoje em Dia”

Só hoje recebi o jornal em que eu e Morgana fomos mencionadas, o “Hoje em Dia” de 05 de janeiro. Assim, aqui está o scan da coluna do Tião Martins (mais um obrigada). Aproveito pra colocar alguns desenhos bobos e outros rascunhos, pra provar que ando desenhando e não só assistindo “Community”.


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  1. Adooooro Community! Você está baixando ou assistindo na tv?

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