Ugra Zine Fest

This is the editorial page for a 25-page sample of Peixe Fora d’Água which Diego and I will be distributing at Ugra Zine Fest, in São Paulo. I drew myself in that panel, and Diego drew himself.

Translation of Diego’s editorial:
This zine in your hands is actually just a sample of a project that, for several reasons, had to be postponed. In a few months it should be printed in full color, with a perfect binder and four times as many pages as this. It’s an amateur project entirely financed by it’s editors and creators, Laura and me…
My intent was to collect material from several unpublished artists. This is a small selection…

Translation of my editorial:
There’s a lot of cool stuff in here.

Translation of the text in the speech bubbles:
Laura – Dude, there’s a zine fest in São Paulo in February, do you think we’ll able to print the magazine by then?
Diego – No way man… How about we make low-cost cloddish samples?
Laura – Ok.

Ugra Zine Fest

Amigos e amigas, hoje e amanhã eu e Diego estaremos no Ugra Zine Fest, em São Paulo, com pequenas amostras do Peixe Fora d’Água (o blog vai aos poucos receber todo o conteúdo dessas amostras… e mais!). Seguindo o espírito do evento, não passa de papel grampeado… Mas você precisa ver o conteúdo! O material é de qualidade! São 24 páginas pra seduzir todo o mundo!

Pra explicar melhor, aqui está o editorial.

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  1. Oh! Que seja um estouro!!!!!!

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