Peixe Fora d’Água is in the newspaper!

Yesterday Peixe Fora d’Água was featured on the newspaper! Many thanks to Télio Navega, who showed interest in our project!
The full article is on his blog, Gibizada (link is in Portuguese), and it features more images and info, besides a small interview with me and Diego.
Below is a picture scanned from page 4 of the Megazine supplement in O Globo, one of the biggest newspapers in Brazil.

O Peixe Fora d’Água no jornal!

Ontem o Peixe Fora d’Água saiu no jornal! Obrigada ao Télio Navega, que demonstrou interesse pelo projeto!
A matéria completa saiu no blog dele, o Gibizada (clique no link!), e tem mais imagens e informações, além de uma pequena entrevista comigo e com o Diego.
Escaneado da página 4 da Megazine, do jornal O Globo:

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