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2 guys, 1 girl

I’ve been very very busy. I have lots of homework and I’m trying to make myself a website.
Here are some poorly scanned drawings.

Tenho estado muito, muito ocupada. Tenho um monte de dever de casa e estou tentando fazer um site de verdade.
Aqui estão alguns desenhos muito mal escaneados.



Dá pra ver aí um rascunho para a capa do Peixe Fora d’Água.


Useless late night comics

I haven’t drawn anything remotely good in a while, and this is why.

Quadrinhos de madrugada inútil

Eu não desenho nada remotamente bom há um tempo, e aqui está o motivo.


Blankets for it, or The Revenge of the Cactus Twins

Here’s something else I did with Hazel: Craig Thompson (author and main character of “Blankets”) meets Chester Brown (author and main character of “Paying for it”). I guess you won’t really understand the jokes if you haven’t read the books, but you should’ve read them already, you lazy bum. Don’t you keep up with the great comics of your day and age?


Butt, cunt and fart

This is from last Friday: Hazel Newlevant came over to watch me eat yakisoba, and I told her how to make comics duets.
Here’s a joke I didn’t use which I’ll leave here for whoever wants it: “cock ring”. You’re welcome.