Quase Famosa, Pt.1

Em um dos quadrinhos eu pareço Hitler, mas foi proposital porque é uma mensagem subliminar.

I’m in the newspaper!

The gracious Alice Sant’Anna wrote an article about me in O Globo, one of the biggest newspapers in Brazil. I am really thankful to her for her interest in my work!

Translation of the article:

If nothing else works out, Laura Lannes has a recipe for getting rich: she will sell the drawing she got from Robert Crumb of a foot leaving the page with the phrase: “Sorry, I don’t have time to draw right now!”. The girl, who spent hours in a line last year to get this trophy, is 19 and splits her time between studying Painting at the Escola de Belas of UFRJ [UFRJ’s School of Fine Arts] and Graphic Design at PUC-Rio, besides her blog https://lauralannes.wordpress.com.
Created last August, the website is full of drawings, watercolors, paintings and, of course, comics, Laura’s greatest passion. She, who was alphabetized with Turma da Mônica [Monica’s Gang] comics, thinks that being a good comics artist is to follow a path between being a writer and an illustrator, as it combines the two different arts. It isn’t for nothing that she cites as influences the names of Rembrandt and Da Vinci as well as unorthodox American stand-up comedian Sarah Silverman.
– I make comics to make myself laugh.
Her acid humor is visible right on the main page, where she announces her e-mail for whoever would like to send her porn, money or job offers. It’s the same sarcasm as in the comic strip in which a woman screams “when pregnant, I can’t stop shitting out babies”, or the legend under a live model study: “He’s pretty serious, and I’m almost sure he’s jewish. If you are him, feel free to thank me, as you’re not this manly.”
Laura’s stroke mixes aesthetic refinement with weirdness. Beauty with something rugged. Another great reference in her work is [Brazilian] cartoonist Laerte, from whom she says she learned everything about drawing, characters and jokes. On the news that said cartoonist is now a cross-dresser, just as his character Hugo dresses as Muriel, she is thrilled:
– I think he looks beautiful! – says Laura, who also enjoys crossing the boundaries.

One Comment to “Quase Famosa, Pt.1”

  1. seis? :| e eu aqui toda feliz porque já fui entrevistada duas vezes! ou seriam três? bem, eu fui a oradora da formação de oitava séria, conta?
    Querida, nós estamos destinadas ao sucesso!
    ps; eu ri muito no: “vc vê em mim algo que eu mesma não vejo” e em todo o resto do quadrinho, como sempre. gênia.


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